HE--None of Your Frizziness

Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness Smoothing Conditioner - 10.17 Oz I decided to purchase some new conditioner yesterday. I have tried the Herbal Essence line before and was only so-so about it. The much raved about Hello Hydration and the Totally Twisted were no better or worse then any of the dollar store brands I have tried. I can say the same for None of Your Frizziness. It smells good and looks pretty coming out of the bottle but that's all I can say.
I used it for a whole week for my co washing and leave-in/styler.  My hair was no less fizzy then usual and it didn't even absorb well, it just sat on top of my hair until it dried up. Maybe I will use the rest as a leave in or add to other conditioners that I don't like to make a leave-in . Sorry Herbal Essences.
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