Herbal Tame Please Pt 2

Blast from the past!!
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I received my package from Gold Medal Hair on March 4th, two weeks after I put my order in.  I was so excited to get it, I quickly opened it up, thought I was going to use it right away but didn't.  Then, I had the bright idea to put it on my daughter's hair, but didn't. Last, I thought I would use the rest of my Baka Naturalaxer first, but didn't. I didn't want to the results to falsely enhanced.

OMG people!!!!!!

 Why did I sleep on this?

 I have been debating for a year on whether or not to try this product. Reasons being:

 1) I couldn't find any reviews

 2) the catalog looks old has heck an

 3) the product has a friggin cheetah on it, a friggin cheetah, 

Well, I 'm so glad I finally tried it, the down side, shipping is pretty steep. Steep as in $13 or close to it, that should have been the #1 reason for stalling so long.  I just used some cheap conditioner I have at home instead of the power gro conditioner from Gold Medal. Then added water to thin it out, this also made it more of a gel consistency. You can buy the gel already made or you can buy the packets and add what you want. The use of conditioner also killed most of the "herbal" smell. This is how it looks once prepared:

I shampooed my hair using regular shampoo and tried detangling at the same time. As soon as I applied the herbal tame to my hair it instantly felt better and the curls were POPPING people. Detangling was a breeze.  I applied to my hair in sections with my bare hands, no gloves. I also used less this way and was also able to use it on my daughters hair. I still ended up throwing some away. I left it in overnight although it said to leave it in for one hour. Since I couldn't get under my hair bonnet, I decided to sleep in it. I had no problems with it on my skin or my daughters skin.

Freshly shampooed
After applying Herbal Tame

The next day before shampooing

I was not overly impressed with my hair after shampooing it out, buy it does state that coarse hair will take a couple of applications. My hair was only a slight bit softer, buy it was less tangled than usual and I was able to cornrow it with out have to break out the water and comb to detangle. It can be applied every two weeks and I think I will buy more to keep up with that schedule.

Final result

Want my final thoughts, here's part 3. ENJOY!!

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