Kale Chips(Spinach Chips) #FAIL

Like everyone in life, I've been trying to look better, eat better, feel better. Just better myself, period! I've joined a gym and of course, a change in diet must occur too. The change in eating habits has been THE hardest part. I mean, LOL, I love my sweets, my salties,and my chewies! If it's junk food, I'm eating it. I have slowly started swapping out the goods for the bads. So I thought, why not try the kale chips. I must admit, they were tasty, eventually, easy to make and expensive to buy.

One afternoon while checking out the organic aisle in HyVee, I came across a $6 and some change bag of Kale Chips, Nacho cheese flavor. I thought what the heck, just about anything "NACHO" flavor has to be good, right?! I purchased them along with some other goodies and then hopped back in the car to go back to work. Of course, ya'll know when you get a bag of chips in the car you bus 'em open and chow down on 'em.

Oh my god!! First bite, DISGUSTING!!! Who in the hell thought this was a good idea, they taste like cheesy, hard pieces of dead grass. The bitterness encased with the cheese just didn't meld for me. At least at first. I was able to finish the bag, it took me a week, but when I knew what to expect on my tongue it became more enjoyable.

I did some googling and found some simple easy recipes to make my own Kale Chips at home. It only requires like 3 ingredients, so I was like "cool, I can do this no problem." . Except I didn't have any kale or olive oil. The two main ingredients. What I did have was spinach and a coconut/canola oil blend. I thought "will the oil really make that much of a difference?". I think the answer may be yes, but I'll have to find that out later.
This is what I did:
  1. used a bag of pre-washed spinach (cuts down on washing, drying, and bruising)
  2. drizzled with oil (I think this blend it too light)
  3. sprinkled with garlic, salt, cayenne pepper (you can season however you wish)
  4. baked at 350 degrees for 10 minutes (OOPS!, burned 1st batch)
  5. baked at 350 degrees for 5 minutes (kept a close eye, LOL)
  6. made everyone in the house taste them (everyone said the were good)
The first batch I burned , they were brown and basically disintegrated in my fingers. I still tasted them and they were too salty. the second batch some were green some were brown, they held up a little better. The "chips" were crispy , but paper thin because the spinach is not as tough as kale or other greens. There is no way I could satisfy my salty, crunchy yearning with these. I headed to the store and bought some kale.
This what I used, olive oil is probably the best option

The finished product, that's my pitbull Loca. Heeyy baby!!

Nothing to do with the chips, never had it and decided to give it a taste.

The jury is still out on these!!

Have you tried kale chips, YAY or NAY?
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