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And The Nominees Are.........

To my surprise, I was nominated for a Liebster Award!!! I accept, I DO ACCEPT!!!  Way to go girl!!! Nice job, keep up the good work! But wait......just what is a Liebster Award? This is anaward that is passed from blogger to blogger in order to help readers – like yourselves – find new blogs to follow! 

I believe I'm all of the above and more. Since Koils-n-Kinks was graciously chosen for as a recipient, I must do my duty and thank Kay of Nappy Headed Black Girl.I've come across the Liebster badge of honor on some of the blogs I've perused, but never looked into it to see what it was about.  This is a first for me and I feel very honored, I will display the badge with pride!! Here are the rules that I found, but there are different versions out there.

These are the rules and questions provided by Kay, who nominated me. Here are the award rules: Thank your nominator by linking to their blogAnswer 10 questions provided to you by the person who nominated youNominate 5 – 10 deserv…