And The Nominees Are.........

To my surprise, I was nominated for a Liebster Award!!! I accept, I DO ACCEPT!!!  Way to go girl!!! Nice job, keep up the good work! But wait......just what is a Liebster Award? This is anaward that is passed from blogger to blogger in order to help readers – like yourselves – find new blogs to follow! 

I believe I'm all of the above and more. Since Koils-n-Kinks was graciously chosen for as a recipient, I must do my duty and thank Kay of Nappy Headed Black Girl.I've come across the Liebster badge of honor on some of the blogs I've perused, but never looked into it to see what it was about.  This is a first for me and I feel very honored, I will display the badge with pride!! Here are the rules that I found, but there are different versions out there.

These are the rules and questions provided by Kay, who nominated me. Here are the award rules: Thank your nominator by linking to their blogAnswer 10 questions provided to you by the person who nominated youNominate 5 – 10 deserv…

5 Perfect Styles for Every Natural

Let's face it ladies, as naturals, I feel that we are expected to show that we are "doing something" with our hair. We can't can just walk around all fro-y and puffy, but that would mean we aren't taking the utmost care of our manes. I mean...really, who(#mefor1) would want to walk around like that? Big bushy fro's have absolute no sex appeal (I really miss mine) #beenremovinglocs4-2weeks.
These styles are nothing new to the natural world, but this is how my hair looked when I was on the water only method. I never really stopped, but I wasn't rinsing much since I was trying to let my hair loc up. One day I'll post my braidlock story. As for now, check out the shine and definition I achieved while styling without product.

Puffs N Ponies


Water Only Washing......Beyond 30 days

More than a year ago, I decided to for go using traditional shampoos and conditioners. I started whipping up my own hair products with some success, but nothing to brag about. Now I always have an assortment of butters, oils and essential oils, not to mention aloe vera, distilled water and honey. My bathroom cabinets look more like a pastry kitchen than a place to do your business! I wasn't exactly losing any hair and checking out new hair recipes was my quiet, me time. 
Through mostly browsing  the web I happened upon the water only method after trying the max hydration method (MHM) for about a month. Though I liked some of the results I was getting with MHM, it didn't have the simplicity that I was looking for. I was basically looking to do nothing to my hair, but I still needed to look presentable #sistagotaJOB, so I found the simplest method for WOHW from an article on BGLH. I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it before. Not shampooing or conditioning or co-washi…

Is Water Only Washing on your TO DO LIST?

What have I been up to in my life? Well, golly gee whiz, thanks for asking! Like many of you, I've been just living. I'm kind of tired of that routine so I've have been making a  half ass attempt at sprucing up my life. HOW, you might ask? Nothing drastic, just small changes that I'm trying to get used to before so that they can become staples in my life. I don't want to do something that's a total 360 from what I'm used to, I'm easing into transition. Yes, just like when I was transitioning from relaxed to natural. Wait....I didn't transition, I wore a wig for 2 weeks and said "TA HELL WIT DAT, IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT, DEN DON'T LOOK!!" Shoot, my head was itching and sweating, I couldn't take, I cut that perm off with the quickness. Plus it just wasn't me, the wig was too different, so it didn't stick. I don't want to waste time and money in something that's gonna go to the way side (where the wigs are, Ha ha).


Crochet of the Day

Crochet Loofah  and Pampering Massage Soap Saver

The loofah was extremely simple to put together, but it only works okay. It really soaks up too much water. A lighter yarn would probably work better.
The soap saver was a little more challenging, but I really like it. It works rather well and I use mine daily.
Loofah courtesy:
Soap Saver courtesy:

Crochet of the Day

Timeless Crochet Earrings

One of my first pieces of crocheted jewelry, very easy to make, stylish and really low cost.
I used yarn instead of crochet thread.

Pattern courtesy of: