5 Perfect Styles for Every Natural

Let's face it ladies, as naturals, I feel that we are expected to show that we are "doing something" with our hair. We can't can just walk around all fro-y and puffy, but that would mean we aren't taking the utmost care of our manes. I mean...really, who(#mefor1) would want to walk around like that? Big bushy fro's have absolute no sex appeal (I really miss mine) #beenremovinglocs4-2weeks.

These styles are nothing new to the natural world, but this is how my hair looked when I was on the water only method. I never really stopped, but I wasn't rinsing much since I was trying to let my hair loc up. One day I'll post my braidlock story. As for now, check out the shine and definition I achieved while styling without product.





Like many natural women out there, I have a no fail, go-to style, but I love, Love, LOVE switching it up. 

I feel beautiful and love knowing that my hair sparks a feeling in someone. Does your natural style leave you feeling some kind of way? Let me know, leave your comment below.