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Diva Smooth is an alternative to chemically straightened hair, it gets your hair healthy and provides a smoother hair cuticle base by infusing your hair with all natural ingredients. These ingredients also provide a protective layer from heat and with the use of a flat iron, allows your hair to be styled straight and soft. All of this without the adverse effects of a chemical relaxer. Your hair is alive, healthy and full of bounce.

How Is it Applied

Janelle Beauty's Diva Smooth is extremely easy to apply and can be applied by yourself or a Salon professional - Anyone can do it!l. You simply apply the Diva Smooth, let it sit. Shampoo, Rinse, Condition, Blow Dry. Flat iron for that straight look. Beautiful, healthy chemical free hair!

How Do I get Started

You can get started by ordering one of the Diva Smooth Kits. Kit is priced at $65 and include everything you need to get started. Items can be purchased indivdually with the smoother priced at $30 and oils for flat ironing at $11. The website does not list state how many ounces the products are, to me it looks like 8 oz of smoother and 1oz oils.

I have not tried this product, but it almost sound like the caramel treatment, that I also have not tried.
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