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Cleopatra (1962 novel)
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Cleopatra is a natural hair relaxer for black frizzy, curly, etc. Hair, or for one who wants her hair black and straightened. It is good for all hairs shapes: curly, frizzy, frizzly, frizzled, frizzed, kinky , Black Americans, Africans, voluminous or pompous hair.

The company DAN DE COSMETICS inherited Cleopatra's secret. The natural formula for straight, smooth, shiny, and fascinating hair by its beauty. The product which has been developed by DAN DE COSMETICS Ltd. Company and called "Cleopatra", is made out a plants and minerals powder, to them there is to add liquid alcohol. This is a 100% natural product; compared among the similar products, available on the market, which are synthetic and alkaline. The prepartion can be applied directly to the roots of the hair. It repairs damaged hair (bleaching, coloring and any chemical agents aplied to the hair). The straightening is permanent and the renewal is done to the roots, because of hair growth.
Advantages: Made of natural ingredients (against allergies), it is permanent, you have to renew on the roots only. Cleopatra is a 100% natural hair straightening formula.

•Straightening your hair right out-the-shower permanently- with no need for blow-drying or ironing.

•Made of 100% plants and mineral powder- This formula is 100% natural. Other products contain chemicals and other synthetic and alkaline product that cause irreversible damage to the hair.

•Applicable to All hair types- regardless of the color, length, level of curl or frizz, history of chemical usage or previous hair straightening methods used on hair.

•Works on highlighted and bleached hair- Most of the other products in the market are only recommended for non-bleached, non-highlighted hair.

•Helps protect and nourish your hair - It makes dry hair smoother after the first treatment, brilliant and strengthened at its roots, rehabilitating it and giving it the full, healthy shiny look you always wanted
•Gives you a permanent black straight hair- This product is replacing 2 harmful chemical procedures: it permanently straightens the hair and colors it with a rich and beautiful black color. Yes! absolutely all hair types can turn straight, shiny, healthy and magically black!
Note: the preparation is good only for black hair or for customers who want to have black hair.

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  • $99.99
  • Permanent
  • Only availiable in a black color
  • Not available in store

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