YouTube Queens - Naptural85 and Kimmaytube Combined

Okay, I know I've been taking a break from this blogging thing, it's sooooo easy to "forget" about it. It in no way means that I have stopped experimenting with new methods of hair care. I am so in love with Naptural85, she is my ultimate hair inspiration. I love how simple her routine is and how easy she makes it look, because I have found it to be a lot harder to find what works well for my hair. If I can get the moisturizing thing in control, I feel like we could be hair twins!! I have almost kicked the product junkiness. One thing I have learned recently is that I cannot, I repeat cannot do the Wash and Go. As much as I would love to, my ends say NO, NO, NO. My recent trials with it has left me with weathered ends that badly need trimming. So sad.
Everyone knows about Kimmaytube and her success. I originally started off watching her, but everyone knows about Kimmaytube. Her channel can get kind of long winded, I like short, simple and sweet. The one item everyone raves about is her leave-in. The recipe is all over the internet so I will not bother reposting here. I tried it, and it works well in conjunction with the yogurt conditioner. My twist out was defined and soft and it lasted the whole week. My problem is consistency, I have trouble sticking to things. I really need to get a routine, I am losing length with these darned, crappy ends. They are my set back. I was thinking of getting my hair braided up for the summer, but I think I will try to stick with this for a month and get my hair done in July. That sounds like a plan.
Here's what I used and my results of the two methods. Enjoy!

Naptural85's Greek yogurt deep conditioning 

Kimmaytube's Leave-In 

Fresh clean hair

After using the two methods

Twist-out results 

Have you tried these recipes and what were results and comments?