Natural Relaxers

Almost everyone who has naturally, curly, kinky hair, is looking for an alternative to chemical relaxing. Whether its flat ironing, chemically relaxing, texturizing, or whatever your thing may be, you want to loosen that tight curl pattern. Here, I will review some of the more "natural" ways to temporarily loosen that kink. Click the links below to read my reviews and for purchasing information.

  1. Curlaway
  2. Baka Naturalaxer Mix
  3. Diva Smooth
  4. Naturalaxer
  5. Bodiphier
  6. Herbal Tame
  7. Cleopatra Natural
  8. Kera Minerals by Silk Elements
  9. Beautiful Textures
  10. Homemade Natural Relaxers
    1. Coconut Lime
    2. Caramel Treatment
    3. Cherry Lola's Treatment
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