Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability Sytem- A 6 Week Review

I have been looking for a treatment similar to Kera Minerals since I used it on my daughter about a year ago. I didn't really want to get an expensive treatment, so I ventured on over to YouTube to find my answer. I watched a lot of videos and reviews for various brands like Organix, Palmers, plus I found this site with other systems. Finally, I came upon a review for Beautiful Textures, watch the video here, and was quite impressed. I always thought this was a line for children and could just SMELL the overly fragrant fruity smell associated with most products geered toward children. Plus, the packaging is a bit busy and tacky looking.

Last week I stopped at my local Walgreens for whatever it was, I can't recall, but as usual, I took a stroll down the hair product aisle and this caught my attention.
 The exact product I was interested in on sale for HALF OFF!!! I snatched up 2, one for me and one for my daughter. I was especially excited because the box featured a type 4 head of hair on the box. I quickly read it over and was delighted due to the promise of being able to flip back and forth between natural and straightened hair with ease and no chemical use. It's also supposed to last 4-6 weeks with the use of the same brand shampoo and stylers.

freshly washed hair
I first used this on my daughter since my hair was in twists and I didn't want to waste a protective style. Her hair was on its last day of a wash n go, so it was a no brainer to try her first.
Her dirty hair consisted of leave-in, oils, and gel. It was our first try doing a wash n go on her so I'm pretty excited to try it again with this system in her hair. The shampoo is a clarifying one and I lathered up and rinsed her hair 3 times each. It's clear and smells good, kind of just a clean smell with a hint of fruity, not bad at all.

After rinsing, her hair was towel dried using the blotting
After 20 minutes  with leave-in
 method so not add more tangles. Applying the leave-in is simple, shake the bottle, add to your hand, apply to hair.I initially used the gloves provided, but they were too big and loose. I didn't feel like I was getting it on the hair properly so I removed them. When I rinsed my hands after using the potion, they felt really slick and smooth, but no irritation. I did not like the smell of the leave-in. At first whiff it smelled pleasant, but then quickly turned into a B.O. type smell, it was weird.
Per the directions she sat around for another 20 minutes letting it air dry some before the blow out, but we made 30 instead. Her hair felt extremely soft.

Blown dry
The directions state not to over saturate the hair, I still ended up over doing it because I used the whole bottle. This became evident after blow drying, the hair definitely felt waxy and filmy. I wish they would have included their flat iron silkening spray (I think that's the name)inside the box for styling afterward.

The blow dry and flat iron still seemed to take
Flat ironed
forever, maybe because we took and extra 10 minutes and it got TOO dry. The initial flat iron still took long, but I did 2-3 passes at the root and used the chase method for the ends. I only did one pass on the ends and they were really straight. My flat iron does not have exact temperatures so I put it at number 15. According to the flat iron manual, a setting of 15-20 is for medium type hair. I normally put it at setting 25 when I do her hair, so I guess the TM system did make a difference.

So far I am pleased with this product and will update once we shampoo and use the other associated products. Of course I have to find them first!

Have you used this product and what are your thoughts?