Beautiful Textures Texture Managability System Week 3- Did the curls return?

Now that we have entered week 4, I can give review of weeks two and three. Better late than never. You can read and view pics of the first treatment here.

During the second week, we decided to leave her hair straightened. I did not take any pics during this week because her hair was in a pony tail the entire time due to sports practice. She did continue to wrap it up every night and the hair remained straight. During the day and throughout the practices she wore a headband. Even though she was sweating, the hair did not revert until close to the end of the week. Even then it was mostly the center of her crown and the edges. I believe a light flat iron would have fixed this, but we did not re-straighten at all during the first two weeks. I would say that it held up wonderfully and exceeded my expectations.

Since her hair remained so straight, I was a bit concerned that her curl pattern would not come back. I shampooed her tresses twice with the anti-reversion shampoo that was in the box and proceeded to condition with the accompanying anti-reversion condition. These are the suggested maintenance products to use to keep the hair moisturized and clean without removing the temporary straightening effects. This week we decided to wear a curly style but was short on time for a wash and go so I installed some flat twists for a twist out.
Her texture did return, but it was visibly altered. Her hair was much softer/thinner feeling and the curl was a lot looser.

 Her curls appeared to be type 3c maybe and lighter in density. It was definitely less tangled and easy to comb through. My generic Denman glided through with ease. Walgreens did have the shampoo and conditioner in stock, but no styling products. I went to Sally's and found these in the price range of $7-$8.

 Sally's Beauty also had the deep conditioner and shine growth oil which I did not purchase. They may have had the leave-in (detangler) but I'm not sure. I plan on purchasing the other components of the system at Sally's.
After layering in the moisture butter and the curl pudding along with a few drops of the silkening oil, this is what her twists looked like and this was the result in the morning after taking them down. Her spiral were really sleek, smooth and moisturized. Styling time was cut down y more than half.
She did not like her bangs so she put it up into guess what? YES, another ponytail, which she kept in the entire week.

Stay tuned for week 4's update.