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This is totally off topic, but it needs to be addressed. BV. That's right, bacterial vaginosis. This is becoming an epidemic everywhere!! Now that is has been jokingly thrown out there, bv is affecting a lot of women, young and old. How do I know these things you might ask? I work as a Medical Lab Tech and I see a lot of these specimens throughout the week. Teenage girls, pregnant women and mature women all have this specific problem. If you've done any reading at all on this subject you will find that it is not considered a STD, but if it is a chronic problem, consider having you partner treated. It is also noted that black women and those who have multiple partners may be more susceptible to bv. You may even be at high risk for contracting STD's because of it.  I have been to many forums, sites, web pages, etc reading about alternative cures. these range from inserting boric acid capsules to sticking probiotics up you know where. Things like using garlic,tea tree oil, plain yogurt on a tampon or loading up on folic acid and other supplements. But do these really work?

If you want freedom from bv, freedom from embarrassing odor, freedom to get down and do the grown-up then Click Here! You owe it to yourself!!
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