The Caramel Treatment, Easier and CHEAPER!!

We've all heard of the fantastic results that this treatment can yield. I have not actually had the pleasure of making this concoction on its own, however, I sort of made it via the max hydration method. I personally, did not reach max hydration and gave up. It was too time consuming, but that's another post for another season.
With that being said, I published this post 5 years ago and am just now revisiting it, checking links, making sure the images appear, etc. I tried checking out soulistic87 on but it seems this poster is no longer active on this site.

In May of this year, 2015 that is, not the year 2000, I thought I was ready for a new hair journey. Microlocks, braidlocks, jennylocks (that's what I've been calling them),  or whatever you want to call them. I took an entire week braiding my hair into these tiny braids, hoping it would deter me from taking them down in the near future. I was wrong, painfully wrong. I will now spend more time removing these braids in hopes to see my big, poofy hair again.Sooner than later. Getting back to the reason for me re-posting this, I hope to treat my hair to a luxurious caramel treatment as soon as the final braid comes down! I am currently on the Water Washing method and hope to save my sebum coverage and gain moisture. I may not get to this point for a month or so more #DEVASTED.

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Courtesy of soulistic87, eHow member. Now this one I might try first!! I have everything except for the molasses, YAY!! Will post pics.

This recipe is a natural alternative that will give similar results of a slightly looser texture and softer hair.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:
Banana baby food
Black strap molasses
Olive oil
Apple cider vinegar

Step 1
Now that you've got all your ingredients, simply put them in a big bowl and mix them together. I've seen other recipe's that give exact measurements for this, however in my own experience it depends on the texture of your hair how dense the mixture should be. For example, if you already have a loose curl pattern and your hair is fairly soft (3/c or 4/a hair type) then you would want less molasses and more Vegetable oil and banana baby food. If your hair is coarse and kinky (4/b like mine) you will want more honey and molasses which will help to weigh your hair down and loosen and define your curls.

Step 2
Once you mix the products together you may need to add more corn starch. If the product is too runny it can be a bit of a mess to work with.

Step 3
After you've mixed the ingredients and you've developed the right consistency (should be cake batter thick, give or take, depending on how much vegetable oil you use) wrap a towel around your shoulders, part your hair into for sections and begin applying the product.

Step 4
Start from the root of your hair and work the product to your ends. Do NOT comb the product through your hair, as the thick texture will pull your hair out of it is comb through. Apply a generous amount of the product and slick your hair down as much as possible to get it straight, similar to the way a hair relaxer is applied.

Step 5
Now you can tie either a plastic grocery bag around your hair so that all your hair is covered or you can use a shower cap.

Step 6
Leave the product in your hair for 2 hours minimum. The longer you leave it in the better.

Step 7
Rinse the product out and use more of your apple cider vinegar to help cleanse your hair of the product.

Step 8
Once you are finished your hair will feel softer and you will probably notice your curls are more defined and looser. If this is not your result the first treatments don't fret. It may take a few treatments before your hair reacts.

Tips & Warnings

Don't be a afraid to play around with the ingredients. If there is something in particular you know works well with your hair add it in.For best results apply product to your hair completely or semi dry.                                     
Do NOT sit under a dryer with this product in your hair.                                                                               
Cornstarch is just a thickening agent, there are no moisturizing properties.
Combine with the Cherry Lola's treatment for even more moisturizing benefits or to start a MHM journey.

What is your experience with this recipe? Share your comments below.

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