I Was Naked Yesterday......

Yes, I must admit, I was out and about naked! I left the house naked, got in my car naked, went to work naked. NAKED NAKED NAKED!! Well, my hair was anyway!! Get your minds out the gutter people. While browsing the web, I found Tiffany, the Curl Whisperer, on CurlyNikki's site. It turns out, she has her own website and has lots and lots of info for curly girls. She states that in order to find products that work for your hair type, you need to know what it feels like naked, sans product. So, I followed her advice and found out that my hair doesn't feel so terrible without all the product on it. In fact, it feels better and all my little curlies fell right into place!! By going naked, I found out the following:

1. my strands are fine/medium in texture
2. the porosity is normal
3. it is not overly dry, as I previously thought
4. my ends are trash, I already knew that
5. it is actually soft
6. tangles easily

Now I also found Chicoro on Fotki.com. I knew she had been around, and she wrote a book, but I didn't want to read another hair story. Boy, was I wrong. Her pictures and knowledge are supreme. I aim to follow her steps for detangling (which I tried), shampooing, conditioning and sealing (I also tried). Using a more simple approach should help with those darn curly knots and also with my product junkiness. Less is more.
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