I Tried It--Oil Cleansing Method

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I am an adult. I am an adult with ACNE. I need to join support group for adults with acne. I have oily skin, and since becoming a natural, I feel I am having more breakouts than ever, well since puberty anyway. I have tried ProActiv, OTC cleansers, AVON, Mary Kay and now I'm trying the "oil cleansing method".

The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM), involves using oils and steam to cleanse your face, Castor Oil, being the most important ingredient. My current recipe consists of 30% castor oil, 50% olive oil, and 20% hazelnut oil.
My next batch will have more hazelnut oil due to its astringent and toning properties. You can choose any natural cold pressed oil to mix with the castor oil. OCM can be used for all skin types, but you have to adjust the amount of castor oil because it can be drying. So for normal skin use 20% castor oil, for dry skin 10% will do just fine.

When making my concoction I use a sterile 10ml syringe, so I am only making 10ml at a time so as not to waste if it's not working out for me. So far, my face is less oily, and the pimples are peeking through less often. I am going to continue this for a while longer, now to find out how to use it on my back!!

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