Blue Magic??


Thinking of revisiting this grease of "yesteryear"? The old school magic? I did, and it wasn't too bad. Mom used this ish for any and everything that had to do with hair. Pressing, greasing the scalp, smoothing down those curls, plaiting, twists and pony tails.  I used the green Blue Magic for this twist out. What's the difference between the green and blue you ask? Your guess is as good as mine!! I found out there are like, 8 different formulations, aloe, argan, coconut, castor oil, etc. IF it didn't contain petroleum, I might be more apt to use it. Maybe I'll try it this winter after a deep conditioning, moisturizing session. I'll just have to make sure to use a REAL shampoo, you know the squeaky clean kind.

My results:

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