Beanie Magic-5 INGENIOUS Way to Wear a Beanie

Bad hair day? Conditioning on the go? Hair is a tangled, matted mess? Hair just won't do what the hell it's being told to do? Plastic cap on, but need to run to the store? Time to take down those plaits/twists but gotta get to work? Too tired to fuss with hair? Wash n'Go fail? No reason at all? Because you thought it was cute? Aunt Jemima/Ms. Ceely protective style? Taking down a protective style?

Yes, all of these have applied to me as reasons to put on my beanie. It can rescue me from many situations and if I just happen to show up at work with it on, you best not judge me or ask me why I'm wearing a hat inside? This IS my hairstyle for the day!!
Of course by now, coworkers know how much work my hair can be and have become accustomed to my ever changing hair or coverup.
I have re-purposed a hat by lining the inside with GLAD Press n' Seal, and this is what I use for deep conditioning instead of the grocery bags. I feel like it keeps out air and keeps in the warmth from my body much better.

My deep conditioning Beanie

I especially like the slouchy beanies for covering my hair when it is big and fro'ed out. Just slap on some makeup and earrings and I'm out the door.
I've gotten to the point that store bought are just too expensive or not my taste, so I have started crocheting my own. I can never find any that are lined and I don't always want to tie on that satin scarf and secure with bobbie pins. I just want to slap it on and GO! I must say, besides hair, it has become my new hobby and it can still relate to hair.
When feeling lazy, too sleepy, too BUSY, beanie you are my magic hairstyle.

The short list of ways to sport your favorite Beanie hat:

1. As a hat, DUH! Of course that was going to be #1!!
2. For on the go conditioning/deep conditioning-apply your fav conditioner, cover with a plastic cap/bag and cover with your beanie whether you leave the house or not.
3. Substitute sleeping bonnet
4. To cover up your hideous head scarf/wrap
5. As a hairstyle, with bangs, some cute earrings and makeup


 What does your beanie do for you?
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