Naturally Straight TMS - Week 4

Week 4

This week I let my daughter shampoo and conditioner her hair using supplied packets from the box. I mean really, she's 13 and at that age I always did my own hair. She managed pretty well, but used up what was left of the packets so I will need to purchase the bottles of the naturally straight line for next week. She decided to wear it straight this week so we used the blow dryer and flat iron. Again, the hair was easily manipulated with less tangles and shortened blow dry time. Straightening with the flat iron still seemed timely, but I used a lower heat setting and still had the same results. The products we used were the same as the first couple of weeks, minus the leave-in. You can find that info here and here. Her hair was wrapped that night, unfortunately she had gym the next day and did not wear a headband so she had some reversion. I used MoKnowsHair's technique for fixing sweaty gym hair which you can view here.

This is how her hair turned out the second time after RE-flat ironing, which I do not like to do. I also upped the heat setting. This lasted the rest of the week and of course, was ponied up by weeks end.

Next week, back to curly we go, hopefully there is no heat damage. Maybe I start a new page of system reviews, we'll see how it goes, I don't know if I want to switch up since I found something we like. Maybe I'll do the next brand on myself since we have different hair types. 

Stay tuned for next week's review, only 2 more reviews left and it on to the next.