Cheap alternative for a steam treatment

Hello Ladies 

Are you DC'ing without using steam/moist heat? Do you have a bonnet dryer? Well, drum roll please, use your bonnet dryer as a heating cap. Instead of rushing out to give Sally's Beauty Supply more of your hard earned cash try the steps below first.

Great results can be achieved just as easily with a couple of handy household items and if you already own a hooded dryer, a steam treatment is well within your reach without breaking the bank!  What you will need:

A bowl full of hot water (not boiling)

2 plastic caps or plastic bags

A hooded/bonnet dryer

Prepare your hair first by washing and applying the conditioner or hair treatment. Soak both face cloths in the hot water. Wring some of the water out of the first face cloth. The cloth should be wet but not soaking. Place the cloth over your hair and immediately cover with one of the plastic caps/plastic bags. Wring the second face cloth and apply this over the plastic bag already on your head and immediately apply the plastic bag/cap. Ensure that the last plastic bag is tied securely around the hairline to prevent water dripping down your neck. Both bags should be spacious enough to allow the steam to form.
For the best results, sit under the hooded dryer for up to 1 hour to allow for maximum moisture penetration.
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