My Who Looks What????

While out shopping for my daughters 10th birthday, a lady stopped me in Walmart to tell me that my hair was beautiful. What? Me? Mine?!?

I was walking down the refrigereated aisle in Walmart with my white boyfriend and mixed 3yr old son and a random lady walking behind us, talking on her cell phone, stopped mid conversation to tell me that MY hair was beautiful. She then went on to ask me what I put in it and told me it looked good on me. The funny thing about it is that I was looking at her hair because she had a TWA that was sharp!! I don't take compliments well so I just said "Thanks" and went on with my business like it never even happened even though I was feeling good inside. This is about how my hair looked on that particular day.

I get more compliments now that I am natural then I ever did when it was relaxed or in micro braids or kinky twists. Do you ever get compliments on your hair? How do you take it?