Herbal Tame-3rd Times a Charm

photo courtesy of GoldMedalHair.com

I decided to use my last packet of Power Gro Herbal Tame over the weekend. This time, I did not have the conditioner they suggest you use because I used it during my second attempt, so I just added warm water and Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil. Maybe I should have used apple cider vinegar(ACV) instead? Adding ACV to henna is supposed to help with clarifying and acidity, so that the product takes better to the hair shaft. Maybe next time!!
I applied little scoops of the mixture to my 2 week old, freshly washed twists, this used less than 1/4 of the mix. Since I had so much left over, I have decided to do it weekly to see if my hair becomes more manageable when it's "out". I then washed out the mix, conditioned, applied Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk leave-in, sealed with my shea butter and followed with ECO Styler clear gel. The shrinkage was ridiculous the next day, but what can you do?

Freshly washed, look at those coils!!

Shrinkage is a B@tch!!

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