Kera Minerals Review

Are you looking for a natural relaxer? Well, this may or may not be the product for you. First off, it is not all natural. Secondly, it does contain chemicals. Third point, which is the bonus(I think), it does not relax you hair.

The Pros
You can apply to the entire hair shaft every 6-8 weeks, not just new growth
You don't need gloves
It won't burn your scalp
Use on natural or processed hair
Can wear hair "curly or straight"

The Cons
Contains sodium sulphite (can cause dermatologic reactions)
Stinks (my kitchen smelled like a salon)
Costs about $30 (bought mine on sale $25)
Leaves a filmy feeling on hands (temporary)
Needs high heat to straighten nicely

I bought Kera Minerals by Silk Elements at Sally's Beauty Supply after hearing rave reviews from a co-worker. I used it on my daughter, unfortunately I heard about it a month after I tex-laxed my daughters all natural tresses. You will need to purchase the shampoo, deep conditioner and leave-in seperatly for future washings. The additional products also contain "Sericin", which helps to keep the hair silky and smooth through future washings.

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