Bun and Bang (Faux Real!!)

This is not me, but her hair just gave me life
Protective styling, I do it and I don't. I hate it and I love it. I love the hands off idea, I love the idea of potential growth(length), but I despise the process. Well, I may have found an answer to my problem. A faux bun and bang. I found it on youtube here and here, and fell in love with the look, but most importantly, the EASE of completion. I immediately subscribed to both channels after watching their vids.

Gonna give it a try and hope it looks BANGING!! I don't even have to run out and buy any hair because I'm going green baby!! Reduce, reuse, recycle the marley twist hair that I'm currently rockin'!!

I planned to use this hair for my faux bang as well as for my bun, it was a total fail

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