Marley and Me

For my 4th nappiversary, I decided that my fingers needed a break, so I spent days on end installing some Marley twists. Ass-backward, yes, this I know. I watched a couple of.YouTube tutorials, then got to work on my head. I had a splitting migraine so I had to chop up the first couple of days. Then I had the brilliant idea to intall them shoulder length so it would look more natural. Bad idea, I had to redo about 30 twists. That is where the extra time came in. I planned to leave these in for 3 months, but at this point, it's been 5 weeks and I'm already itching to take them out. I'm already planning my style after I remove these, a faux bun.

I used marley hair, can't remember the brand, some kind of olive oil leave-in for the install. I shampooed weekly with watered down cantu shampoo and conditioner and moisturized (sometimes)with watered down hawaiian silky 14 n 1. I will deep condition with a doctored up Suave Almond and Shea butter conditioner before removing my Marleys.


All Done

Retwisted the front 2 rows 5 wks later

5 wks=1 inch