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Why in world does a woman have to suffer from this?? Is it because she's promiscuous? A skank,or has had multiple partners, or a minaj #NICKI or likes it rough? Well...yes, that COULD be her problem, or maybe not. Maybe her body is too alkaline, or susceptible to candida. Is she vitamin deficient, is she taking antibiotics, or does she just not have a clue that she should be wiping from FRONT to BACK? An AHA moment--thanks Oprah!!

Even though we know the cause of said problem, can it be prevented?I would say no, as it is a result of upset of a womans normal vaginal know, the bacteria lives inside you 24/7 and keeps you healthy. Of course you knew that, right? Lactobacillus spp. lives right there inside keeping you nice and normal by producing lactic acid all day, everyday. Lactic acid kills off the ish that don't belong there. Read more about BV here. Is it possible to increase the lactic acid production in your body by changing your diet?

There are many homemade remedies, so many that I will not bother listing any sites. These may or may not work for you, but when your good coochie bacteria is replaced with bad coochie bacteria that makes your va jay jay blow bubbles at you, and makes you smell like fish you need to do two things immediately: see your MD/PA/NP or whoever and get a yourself a bottle of Fem-Dophilus. I'm in no way being paid to promote this company, wish I was, but hey, what works works.

Stuffing yourself full of plain yogurt on a tamp, douching(HUGE NO NO), stuffing garlic and what not up the wazoo will not cure you. Make sure you problem is bacterial vaginosis and not an STD. You will most likely be prescribed a vaginal gel or pill or both which is great for getting rid of the bad stuff. I'm going to let you in on little secret though............Sshhh listen closely and make SURE you tell EVERYONE. You will become reinfected again and again and again. Maybe not right away, but it will happen again. That's were Fem-Dophilus comes into the widescreen view. Fem-Dophilus will help your body recolonize with the lactobacillus strain that protect your vagina. Read more on this product.
Instead of buying tea tree oil, vinegar with "the Mother", garlic cloves wrapped in gauze, greek yogurt and tampons, etc to put in your body, put it in your body the right way and just EAT IT. Or put it on your head(hair) like I do.
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